The need to have a car dated usually occurs when entering a competitive event, which differentiates entrants according to the age of their vehicle. It is also of value if proof of age and authenticity is required, eg. in the case of a sale. In order to obtain an independent and authoritative assessment as to the age of a vehicle, members should follow the procedure as set out below:

1] The GRMC which is associated to SAVVA, has a Dating Officer on the Committee, Sheridan Renfield, who is specifically designated to assist in obtaining a Dating Certificate and/or a Dating Plaque from SAVVA.

2] Members should in the first instance,resort to the web, --- SAVVA Dating of Vehicles---. Information can be gleaned from this site as well as down-loading the necessary Forms. Those members who do not have access to the web can obtain the Forms from the Dating Officer.

N.B. Although the site is in the public domain, the issuing of a Dating Cert. and/or Plaque is only available to members of a car club that is associated with SAVVA. Consequently, all communication with SAVVA must be through the GRMC's Dating Officer.

3] SAVVA levies a nominal charge for administration,plus the cost of either a Certificate or Plaque, or both. This cost varies with time, but can be obtained from our Dating Officer.