2019 Knysna Motor Show

The show will take place on April 28, 2019


The maximum registrations have been received and registrations are now closed. However, please visit the Knysna Motor Show on April 28 as it will be a spectacle with many rare and exciting cars on display. Please also encourage your friends and family to visit the KMS. The standard will be exceptionally high and they will not be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you there! 


2018 Knysna Motor Show Wrap Up

Following the the very successful Knysna motor show, please click on the following links – they cover the final press release of the event and a short video.


2017 Knysna Motor Show


The Knysna motor show sponsored by Sanlam Private Wealth and held at the end of April 2017 was a phenomenal success . Not only was a high standard of awesome cars on display with impeccable organisation , but a record crowd of more than 6000 people attended, resulting in record takings . We are delighted to advise that after accounting for the motor show expenses we were able to donate R100,000 to charity . The charities that benefitted from this generous donation are Knysna and Sedgefield Hospice, Knysna Animal Welfare , E-pap ( feeding scheme for underprivileged children ) , FAMSA  ( NPO specialising in relationship counselling ) , Epilepsy , BADISA ( Child Protection organisation ) , Change for Change ( NPO looking after destitute families )  and the Sea Cadets . See the photo above . This donation has come at an opportune time when Knysna has been devastated by the raging fires at the beginning of June and the nominated charities have been under severe pressure to cope with the demands of the disaster .  

This donation from the Knysna Motor show has only been made possible through the support of our sponsors , all the participants who displayed their cars, the motor trade ,  the public that came from across SA and the dedication of members from the Garden Route Motor Club. We salute all of them with a big thanks  . 

We look forward to build on this success when next year’s Knysna motor show is held on Sunday April 29 , 2018 . 

Kind regards,

Peter Pretorius.

Chairman – Garden Route Motor Club.



Click Here: Press Release - 14 March 2017

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The response to the Knysna motor show (KMS) has been overwhelming with some awesome cars and motorcycles registered for participation on April 30.  We have now reached the capacity that we can accommodate in the display areas .In line with this I regret to advise that we are unable to accept any further registrations for participation at the Knysna motor show.

I will continue to keep you updated on developments .

Please encourage your friends to  visit the KMS on April 30 . The standard will be exceptionally high and they will not be disappointed. We need “ feet “ through the gate to cover costs and boost our distribution to the respective charities . If you have a Facebook page please post the Knysna motor show – April 30 along with some encouraging words.  – please

Kind regards,




Pre-War MGs, micro-cars, and a very rare Bentley for the Knysna Motor Show

​Media release. Knysna Motor Show: 21 February, 2017

Although the organisers are expecting a turnout of more than 500 exceptional vehicles, the Knysna Motor Show sponsored by Sanlam Private Wealth promises three very special appearances this year.

“While we welcome everyone to come along to see and enjoy the vintage and veteran cars and motorcycles, and the super cars, classic sports cars, and new-era electric vehicles on show, we're very selective about the exhibits we allow - which appear by invitation only. This keeps the show fresh and interesting every year,” said the chairperson of the Garden Route Motor Club, Peter Pretorius.

“As one of South Africa's most prestigious motor shows, the Knysna Motor Show naturally attracts the attention of the owners of the most prestigious and unsusual vehicles on the road, and we're proud to announce that this year's event will feature one of the most desireable cars of all – a Bentley MK V1 Special – as well as displays by the MMM MG Club of South Africa, and the Micro Car Club of  South Africa.”


Mr. Pretorius said that the bi-annual gathering of South Africa's MMM MG Club will take place in the Garden Route this year, and that the club has entered 17 cars for the show.

According to MMM MG Club chairperson, Rodney Green, “MMM stands for Midget, Magna, and Magnette - which were some of the names given to the bewildering array of performance model MGs in the 1930s, when the marque dominated the 750 and 1100 cc classes on the international racing circuit.”


​He said that the club's display at the Motor Show will include an early M-type, as well as various 4- and 6-cylinder models - some of which are supercharged.

“Of special interest will be a supercharged C-type Monthlery Midget with a 4 cylinder, 746 cc power unit; and a 1935, 6 cylinder, 1271cc MG ND.”


“We're pretty sure that the Micro Car Club's display of Goggo Mobiles will be a real hit at this year's  Motor Show,” said Mr Pretorius.

According to Micro Car Club chairperson, Lothar Frohlich, the club register is open to cars of 700 cc or less that were built any time until 1967.

Like the MMM MG Club, the Micro Car Club will hold its gathering in the Garden Route this year, and will exhibit a number of vehicles at the Motor Show.

“Although they're remembered in history as curiosities, the Micro Car was a first step towards owning a full-size car for  many people in the 1950s and 60s,” said Mr. Frohlich. “As with all classic cars, it's often difficult to obtain spare parts - but gatherings like these allow Micro Car enthusiasts to network with each other to keep these unique vehicles alive.”


Bentley MK V1 Special that'll appear at this year's show started out as a 'project' 1951 Bentley MKV1 Sedan – but when a previous owner abandoned the project, it was obtained by a Cape Town collector who commissioned Charles Goodman Restorers in Johannesburg to complete the build.

“It took two and a half years to complete this magnificent vehicle with its 4.9 litre Bentley straight-six, F-type, fuel injected engine, and its wood frame and metal skin.

“It really is something worth marvelling over,” said Mr. Pretorius.  



“Last year's show attracted over 5,000 people – and we're confident that the number will grow again this year, as it has every year.

“The event is known for its country atmosphere, excellent food stalls, and festive beer garden – so there's always something for old and young to enjoy. But it's also an event with a heart, and proceeds will benefit Hospice, Knysna Animal Welfare, E-pap and FAMSA, said Mr. Pretorius.

The Knysna Motor Show sponsored by Sanlam Private Wealth will take place on the Knysna High School sports fields (on Waterfront Drive) from 09:30 to 16:00 on Sunday, 30 April, 2017. Tickets at the gate.


More information

Contact: Peter Pretorius - peterp@afrihost.co.za – 082 321 4724

Garden Route Motor Club: http://www.grmc.co.za/

Sanlam Private Wealth: https://sanlamprivatewealth.sanlam.com/Pages/default.aspx 


Sanlam Private Wealth joins Knysna Motor Show as naming sponsor

The organisers of the Knysna Motor Show have announced that Sanlam Private Wealth has come on board as the show’s naming sponsor for 2017.
The Sanlam Private Wealth Knysna Motor Show will take place on Sunday, 30 April, 2017.
Organised by the Garden Route Motor Club, the show has grown out of a rather informal gathering that first took place in 2003, when the Club first got together to exhibit its members’ vehicles to the public.
“We are extremely proud that Sanlam Private Wealth has chosen to endorse the Knysna Motor Show,” said club chairperson, Peter Pretorius.
“It is a perfect partnership given that Sanlam Private Wealth won the award for the country’s top wealth management company for the third year running in the 2016 Intellidex-Moneyweb Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey.”

Mr. Pretorius said that the Show’s vision has always been to display the most interesting and highest quality vehicles. “It’s not about the volume of cars and motorcycles - and this keeps it interesting and fresh every year.”
While most of the exhibits have traditionally included vintage and veteran cars and motorcycles, super cars, and classic sports cars, the show now also hosts new-era products and platforms - like the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s E-mobility Innovation Program, which brought a carbon fibre prototype ECO-CAR and other electric and electronic forms of transport to last year’s event.
“We’re expecting around 400 collectible cars and motorcycles this year, as well as a great range of displays of new cars and motor-related trade stands.”
A number of competition prizes will be awarded, too, with competitors vying for floating trophies and prizes for the best classic or vintage car and best classic or vintage motorcycle; the most beautifully turned-out car (Concours d’Elegance); and the best display of vehicles and memorabilia associated with a single marque.

Mr. Pretorius said that the Garden Route has become a motoring Mecca in recent years, and that it’s now home to some of the country’s finest private collections of vehicles.
“This has helped us attract the kind of quality that makes the Garden Route Motor Show unique. But the vehicles on display won’t only be from Knysna and our neighbouring towns. Since the Show is now a national event, it also attracts displays from around the country.”
He said, too, that the Show attracted more than 5,000 people last year, and that the organisers expect that the gate will be even bigger this year.
“This’ll be wonderful for the show itself - but it’ll also be great for our designated charities (Hospice, Knysna Animal Welfare, E-pap and FAMSA).
“We therefore encourage car lovers to attend - and while you’re there, to open your wallets for these good causes,” he said.

More information
Contact: Contact Peter Pretorius - peterp@afrihost.co.za
Garden Route Motor Club: http://www.grmc.co.za/  
Sanlam Private Wealth: https://sanlamprivatewealth.sanlam.com/Pages/default.aspx 
Intellidex-Moneyweb Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers Survey:

Displays at last year’s Knysna Motor Show included vintage, classic, and modern cars and motorbikes as well as electric vehicles. The show has now attracted the sponsorship of Sanlam Private Wealth - the country’s premier private wealth management company. 

2017 Knysna Motor Show

Hi All,

It is not long to go before the sound of carols will be heard and another year will have passed and the festive activities that come with December will commence. To those who are escaping on holiday , may you travel safely and to those who will be joined with their families , get the deepfreeze full , stock up with the niceties and fill the drinks cupboard . Enjoy the quality time with your family and friends  !!!.

As we close the year off , I have an important announcement to make regarding the Knysna motor show that will take place on Sunday April 30 , 2017.

We are very proud to announce that Sanlam Private Wealth has agreed to sponsor the Knysna motor show and as such will have naming rights to the motor show.  This is a major step that will go a long way towards boosting the Knysna motor show as a premium event and build on the successes achieved over the past four years. Over the recent times , the Garden Route has emerged as one of South Africa’s most important centres for classic and vintage cars and with some fantastic car collections  . Sanlam Private Wealth has recognised the wealth that comes with classic and vintage cars , coupled with the flow of wealthy retirees to the Garden Route and sees the Knysna motor show as an ideal platform to market their services and offerings.

“ Sanlam Private Wealth has been named the top wealth manager in South Africa in the 2016 intellidex’s Top Private Banks and Manager’s survey for three years in a row . Sanlam Private Wealth offers holistic , integrated wealth management services to high net and ultra-high net worth private individuals and their families in South Africa, the UK, Western Europe and Australia , we are very proud to be associated with a calibre of business such as this and look forward to a great event.”

Please place the Knysna motor show of April 30 2017 in your diary and we look forward to welcoming you. Further communication will follow early in January 2017

Kind regards and please see our best wishes below,

Peter Pretorius

Chairman – Garden Route Motor Club

Christmas 2016

Click Here: Post Show Press Release: May 2016



The Knysna motor show held on Sunday May 1, 2016 turned out to be a real blockbuster event and beating all expectations. The motor show was held in perfect weather with the most fantastic display of cars and motorcycles, complemented with new cars and trade related stalls.

The display ranged from Vintage and Veteran cars, classic sports cars, super cars, classic and vintage motorcycles. A continuous stream of positive comments was received from participants as well as the public. Some of these included: "comparable with overseas motor shows", "The best ever car show", "Must rate as the best in South Africa", "Extremely well organised", "Will definitely be back next year".

The motor show continuous to grow exponentially and it is wonderful to see the growth in popularity from across South Africa. Not only did the participants and visitors come from the Garden Route, but also came from all parts of South Africa and were thrilled in what they saw. The Knysna motor show is now clearly recognised as a national event and going forward a motor show that no petrolhead should ignore.

The strategy adopted to personally select and invite participants is clearly paying off. This strategy ensures that we maintain the high level of quality and interesting vehicles and motorcycles that are displayed. The Knysna motor show’s vision, and it still remains, is a motor show not about the volume of cars and motorcycles, but one where quality and interesting displays remain the focus, thus keeping the motor show fresh every year.

This was a very interesting year, with many unique elements included in the display and visitors were awestruck at what they saw. The fantastic displays included Vintage and veteran cars such as the Ford Model Ts, EMF 30, Maxwell, Morris Bullnose, followed by a broad range of sport classic cars which included Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Austin Healey, Porsche, Triumph, MG, Morgan, Lotus, Alfa Romeo and many more.

These displays were complemented by real super cars, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes SLS and Audi R8. Great excitement was created with the inclusion of the Peter Lindenberg Shelby SA cars, The Hi-Tech Automotive display of AC Cobra, Daytona, and Zagato Perana cars and the display of the magnificent car collection of Brian Bruce. If this was not enough, the almost 50 magnificent classic and veteran motorcycles created great excitement, particularly when the engines were started!

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University also added a special touch with their display of their purpose designed carbon fibre prototype vehicle, the ECO-CAR. Along with this they exposed the visitors to their E-mobility innovation program and had on display a BMW i8 and Nissan Leaf hybrid cars, as well as an electric bicycle, a Segway and an all-terrain electric vehicle. We can clearly say that the variety and grouping of cars and motorcycles on display will not easily be seen in one display area.

A further highlight of the motor show was the awarding of floating trophies and prizes in the following categories:

The most beautiful vintage and veteran car - Meilleur View Voiture (Best old car) Trophy. The winner being Kevin Casey with his 1911 Ford Model T Runabout.

The best classic car in terms of appearance, cleanliness and authenticity - Concours d’Elegance trophy. The winner being Lawrence Kroff with his 1967 Mercedes Benz W113 Pagoda.

Both the above floating trophies are sponsored by Classic Car Africa Magazine and Protea Hotels sponsored a prize for each winner of a two day stay at any Protea Hotel in South Africa.

The best featured one make car display - Style Et Lux Trophy. The winner being the Sunbeam Sports Car Club of SA with their brilliant display of Sunbeams and regalia. The Trophy is sponsored by Auto Glym Polish and Shampoo and Fancourt sponsored a two night stay at the beautiful Fancourt resort.

The best Classic and Vintage motorcycle on display, as voted by the public, on the day of the motor show, was won by Gerard Roelofs with his 1946 Sunbeam S7 motorcycle. The trophy is sponsored by Allsound Security Knysna along with a set of motorcycle tyres. In addition a prize of a weekend away at the beautiful Karoo Cottages located in Prince Albert.

Not only was the Knysna motor show bigger and better, but all records were literally smashed this year. Close to 400 awesome cars and motorcycles were on display and this was complimented by a fantastic display of new cars and motor related trade stands. Visitors streamed in and including the various participants, in excess of 5000 people attended the motor show. The gate takings almost doubled from last year, which is a further record. While the costs, to continually deliver a motor show of this magnitude, have increased substantially, we will still be able to distribute the remaining funds after costs to the designated charities. These include Hospice, Animal Welfare, E-pap and FAMSA.

In short, we were very happy with the final outcome of the Knysna motor show. A big thank you goes out to each and every participant, the motor trade the public and importantly the sponsors. This support is vital for us to stage the Knysna motor show in the years to come and greatly appreciated.

Peter Pretorius

Chairman – Garden Route Motor Club

Posted on: 29 May 2016

2015 Knysna Motor Show

Entries for the 2015 Knysna Motor Show are now closed.

The motor show will take place on SATURDAY MAY 9, 2015 in KNYSNA. The vehicle categories that will qualify for registration are all classic sports and performance cars, modern classic and super cars, vintage collector cars and classic / racing motorcycles.

Click Here: Press Release No. 1, 6th October, 2014

Click Here: Press Release No. 2, 16th April, 2015

Click Here: Press Release No. 3, 28th April, 2015


Knysna Motor Show 2015

Hi to all classic car / motorcycle enthusiasts
and supporters of the Knysna Motor Show

Click Here: Press Release No. 1, 6th October, 2014

Over the past three years the Knysna motor show has grown exponentially from being a small local event , organised by the Garden Route Motor Club , to now being recognised as a motor show attracting national interest. The environment of classic cars in SA , as well as in Knysna , has changed significantly and the Knysna motor show has followed this trend. The focus of the Knysna motor show has been to attract classic sports cars, modern exotic performance / super cars , speciality and featured one- make models and more recently the inclusion of vintage and classic motorcycles. Invitation to participate in these categories is handled on a personal basis. The focus of the motor show is to attract a variety of quality interesting cars and not necessary volume.

Following the successful motor show held in May this year several questions arose which needed debating among the members of the Garden Route Motor Club. The specifics discussed are summarised below:

  • The positives and negatives of having the motor show one week before the Jaguar Simola hill climb. This would include the impact of the hill climb in attracting vehicles to participate in the car motor show. Is there a win-win formula for both parties?
  • Should the motor show be held on the same week-end as the hill climb?
  • Should we move the motor show to a date later in the year?
  • In conjunction with the hill climb organisers can we create a speed / motoring week in Knysna, similar to the Knysna Oyster Festival held over two weekends?
  • Should we move the motor show to a Saturday to avoid it clashing with Mother’s Day on the Sunday.

Having completed and evaluated the above points it was agreed at the GRMC AGM held in September to proceed as follows :

  • The majority consensus was that it was in the long term best interests of the motor show to remain aligned with the hill climb which will be held one week later. This would have the potential to develop into a week-long motoring event such as the Knysna Oyster Festival over the long term.
  • Continue discussions with the hill climb organisers to jointly promote both events to maximise exposure.
  • Promote Knysna and the Garden Route as a destination for car club tours to enjoy both events, view the classic car museums , restorers and enjoy the beautiful Garden Route scenery and activities.
  • Continue to focus on the quality of the motor show and vehicles on display, with a target of no more than 300 vehicles in the longer term. A degree of exclusivity should be maintained in in attracting the correct mix of vehicles.
  • With the limited resources available within GRMC, investigate how best secure the long-term future of the Knysna motor show.
  • The motor show will be moved to a Saturday and THE DATE FOR 2015 WILL BE MAY 9 WITH THE HILL CLIMB FOLLOWING A WEEK LATER ON MAY 15,16,17. Please diarise these dates.

Should you have any comment to the foregoing , please drop me a line. We look forward to seeing you at the Knysna motor show to be held on May 9, 2015.
Kind regards,
Peter Pretorius
Chairman – Garden Route Motor Club
082 321 4724


A grand total of 350 cars were on display of which about 50% were Indaba MG’s. The car show is rapidly growing in stature and following the successful format of quality versus quantity, introduced over the past couple of years. This year offered more variety than before. The car show acted as a backdrop to the 2014 MG International Indaba, representing practically all the models produced during the past millennium. The Knysna High School sports fields were packed to the perimeters with a glittering display of veteran, classic, and exotic vehicles, together for the first time, with an excellent display of rare and exciting motorcycles. The quality and variety of vehicles on display were a sight to be cherished by all petrolheads.!!!

A couple of surprise attractions added further interest and glamour to the car show. These include:

  • The Franz Pretorius 1973 Porsche 911 that competed in the London to Sydney Rally
  • The 50-year anniversary of the Sunbeam V8 Tiger and the Ford Mustang.
  • The Mini Cooper’s first win on the Monte Carlo rally 50 years ago.
  • As part of the MG racing heritage on display was the 1932 supercharged 750cc Midget  the 1950 1250cc Spider and the 1954 1250cc Hedgehog Special.
  • Among the modern exotics and performance cars on view was a fantastic display of 10 Ferrari’s, a McLaren MP4-12C convertible and an Audi R8 V10 Spider
  • The extra ordinary Brian Bruce car collection displayed under a tent with a stand next to each car provided the vehicle details. The display included the Jaguar C Type Replica, Jaguar D Type Replica, Jaguar XK 120, Ford GT40 , Cobra Daytona and many more.
  • The Jaguar Simola hill climb car display.
  • The Harley Davidson truck with the fantastic display of motorcycles and the offering of test rides.
  • Knysna house of Classic and sports cars held a silent auction at the show. Included in the line up were 25 classic, Vintage and sports cars, which drew fantastic attention. We are awaiting the outcome and the amount that will be donated as a result of sales concluded.
  • An added attraction was the Bloodhound SSC driving experience, a simulator of the 100670 KW world land speed record breaking car being prepared for an attempt at reaching 1600 KMH at Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape in 2015. Visitors could experience a little of what Rodney Green will go through during his LSR attempt. This was particularly popular with kids attending the car show with their parents.
  • The food court this year was a great success, offering a variety of quality food stalls.  An added feature was that we were successful in getting a sponsor to pay for a tent under which people could enjoy their food in comfort.

Building on last year’s awards, the Classic & Performance Car Africa trophies were awarded as follows. -

  • Concours d’ Elegance  (best car on show)  trophy went to Ron Hollis’s stunning 1958 Aston Martin DB2/4 Series 3.
  • Ron Hollis accepting his trophy with Peter Pretorius

  • The C&PCA floating trophy for the best car as chosen by the public went to Rordan Tait with his Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider.

  • Kallie Erasmus accepting the trophy of behalf of Rondan Tait

  • A new trophy was introduced, namely “ Style et Luxe “ for the most desirable car on show and sponsored by AUTO GLYM. This floating trophy went to the rare 1952 Jaguar C –Type replica owned by Brian Bruce.

    Brian Bruce's C-Type Jaguar

  • To the following major Sponsors who contributed almost R30,0000  -  PG Glass, Stone House Capital / Bay Wealth Management, House of Classic &Sports Cars, Imperial Group, Knysna Toyota, Protea Hotel and Frost Brothers. Without their support it would be difficult to deliver a show of this magnitude.
  • A personal thanks must also go out to all the participants who showed their vehicles to the public and to the trade who put up fantastic displays of their products.

In conclusion we were able to significantly raise the contribution to Charities within the Knysna and Plettenberg Bay areas.

 Distribution to charity beneficiaries  R 53,000   -  29% up on 2013 R41,000 .

The charity beneficiaries who will benefit from the funds raised are Hospice, Animal Welfare, E-Pap, Knysna High School, FAMSA ( Plettenberg Bay) and Change for Change.

Peter Pretorius

2015 GRMC Knysna Car Show Preview

Title File
Rally winners on display at the 2014 Knysna Car Show Adobe PDF
Golden anniversaries galore at the 2014 Knysna Car Show Adobe PDF
2014 Knysna Car Show to feature MG International Indaba Adobe PDF


The event will take place in KNYSNA on SUNDAY MAY 11, 2014. Please diarise the date and we look forward to welcoming you to a great classic car show.

Preparations are well under way for this year’s annual Knysna Car Show to be held at the High School Fields in Waterfront Drive on Sunday 11 May. The organising Garden Route Motor Club was delighted with the quality and variety of classic and sports cars that were on display last year and judging by all the positive comments received, the show was undoubtedly a resounding success. For 2014 the aim is to build on these accolades with a select display of classic, performance, specialty and featured one-make vehicles and motorcycles, with the emphasis of quality rather than quantity. However, a further spectator attraction will be the MG National Indaba being held in Knysna over the car show weekend and there will be in excess of 150 MGs – covering the full model range over the years – gathered on the fields.
Other special displays for this year include three 50-year celebrations, namely the Mini’s first win in the Monte Carlo Rally 50 years ago when Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon drove to victory in a Morris Cooper S, the birth of the V8-powered Sunbeam Tiger, and the start of the Muscle/Pony car revolution – the introduction of the Ford Mustang. And as a precursor to the following weekend’s Jaguar Simola Hillclimb (see footnote), Jaguar will also have a stand at the show featuring examples Coventry Cats historic and new. Some of the other hillclimb entrants will also be on view.

Classic & Performance Car Africa is once again sponsoring two concours d’elegance competition trophies, the winner of one decided by a panel of judges, the other voted for by the attending public. In addition, a new Style et Luxe category – with a floating trophy – has been created to celebrate ‘something special’ – effectively the most elegant and luxurious car on view.

The Garden Route Motor Club has an aspirational vision of making the show one of the ‘must attend’ classic car events on the local calendar. The character of the show and its location provides an opportunity to exhibit some of the best vehicles in the country in scenic surroundings, affording owners and the public alike a memorable automotive experience. Not only that, a principal objective of the show is to improve the livelihood of local charities with proceeds being donated to local charities. In 2013 a sum of R41 000 was raised and distributed to Hospice, Animal Welfare, E-pap (child feeding scheme) and FAMSA, and it is hoped to better this figure this year.
Visitor will also see an array of Ferraris, Aston Martins , Jaguars , Porsches , Mustangs , Sunbeam Tigers , more than 160 MG’s and a variety of veteran, vintage road and racing motorcycles. This is a new feature to the show and will feature prominently in future years. Also on display will be the Brian Bruce car collection featuring the Jaguar C-Type , D-Type , and XK 140 , Cobra Daytona , GT 40 and others
Entrance fee of R30.00 per adult will be charges and children enter free . As it will be mother’s day , we’ll be giving away a number of spot prizes to lucky mothers - such as a weekend away , spa treatment with lunch , delicious breakfasts and more . Bring the family and enjoy the cars, beer garden and scrumptious food available from the stalls.
For further details on the Knysna Car Show please contact Peter Pretorius on 082 321 4724 or e-mail peterp@epweb.co.za. Additional information can also be found on the website www.grmc.co.za.
Footnote: The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb programme that will take place up Knysna Simola Hill on 16-18 May with the varied line-up of older machines featuring on the ‘Classic Friday’ and the modern ‘big guns’ facing the King of the Hill challenge over the Saturday and Sunday.
Be there!