Knysna Motor Show 2020

Knysna Motor Show 2020

On 3 May 2020 we would have held our annual Knysna Motor Show which had to be canclled as part of controlling the spread of the Covod-19 pandemic. As thanks to all who had entered cars or bikes, to those who would have sponsored the event and all who would have liked the Knysna Motor Show, we present a Virtual 2020 Knysna Motor show on this page. 




Here are the prize winners for our Virtual 2020 Knysna Motor Show:
Best Overall : Kobus Mostert for being the most enthusiastic supporter, submitting some 20 beautiful American classics.
Most desirable Classic : Ravi Chetty for his superb 1968 GT350H Hertz rent a racer
Best Vintage Car: Harry Calver with his lovely Silver Ghost
Best Bike : Steve Helm who entered 3 lovely bikes.

A special word of thanks to the hundreds of enthusiasts who supported our Virtual Show and to those who donated to our charity fund.

The annual Knysna Motor show raises money for deserving local charities. Although the show could not go ahead, we staged a Virtual Knysna Motor show and we have received donations from certain sponsors , participants; stand & stall holders and the Garden Route Motor Club members. Through their generosity we collected R47,250 to which our Club added to make a total of R60,000 . The following charities will benefit:

– Knysna Hospice
– E-pap – A feeding scheme in Knysna for underprivileged children
– FAMSA – Plettenberg Bay – Through counselling reconstruct family life & relationships
– Knysna Animal Welfare
– BADISA – Knysna – A social welfare organisation that provides care for abused children and families .
– Change for Change – Knysna – Private group looking after destitute families who have lost their jobs

Thanks to all who contributed for their generosity
Kind Regards : Peter Pretorius and the Garden Route Motor Club.


If you would like to see all the cars and bikes that were entered on our Facebook page please click on the link below.




Our prior Press Releases prior to the planned 2020 Knysna Motor Show

The Knysna motor show ( KMS) is building up to be another spectacle of awesome cars and rare  motorcycles on display. All the registrations thus far have been personally selected and should be of great interest to everyone on May 3.   It definitely is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy . Please click on this link to read our latest press release.  –


Please click on the link , to read  a further press release , now focusing on some of the amazing motorcycles that will be displayed at the Knysna motor show.  –



Knysna Motor Show 2019

Knysna Motor Show 2019

If you missed the Knysna motor show on Sunday April 28, it would have been a real pity!! Based on the comments from participants and the public it was a world class event and must rate as the best motor show in SA.  The collection of cars and motorcycles were of the highest standard and not forgetting the rarity of some of the displays – Bentley’s Mercedes 300SL & 190SL’s, Pagani Zondo , Lamborghini and the list just goes on . This awesome motor show was organised by a committee of ten and a huge thanks must go to them. They were prepared to put in the hard work, on a voluntary basis, over the past 5 months and we should be very proud of them – Cedric Parker, Allan Waterston, Brian Gibson, Ann Griffiths, Peter & Jill Morse, Dennis Cook, Brian Dowding & Peter Turner. Each one had a responsibility, like a jigsaw puzzle, and all coming together at the end. Then there are the many members of both GRMC and MGCC who were part of the teams that did the field layout, marshalling responsibilities and manning the entrance gates on the day. I would like to say huge thanks to them all. Without the spirit and drive from each one we would not have succeeded.

You may find the final Press release at :

While the KMS was a brilliant motor show, unfortunately we did not achieve our goal in terms of the number of people visiting the show. We estimate that the paying public through the gate was 4000 plus a further 1500 made up of participants, stall holders and SPW invited guests, making up a total of around 5500.  This is almost 2000 less than anticipated. There could be various factors that caused this shortfall and these will be evaluated. However we were able to donate to the selected charities a sum of R108,000.

As usual we have trophy winners in the 3 car categories and 2 from the motorcycle display. The following is listed as judged by Wayne Harley from the Franschhoek Motor Museum and Stuart Grant from Classic car Africa:

  • The best old car – pre 1945  –  John White with his very original 1928 WO Bentley
  • The best Classic car – Andre du Toit ( Rick Garritt – owner ) with the beautiful 1957 Mercedes 300SL
  • The best overall car on show – Kobus Mostert with his immaculate and original 1958 Pontiac Bonneville

In the motorcycle category the winners were

  • The motorcycle favourite as selected by the public –  Corrie Venter  – BMW 1200 Custom .
  • The motorcycle judged as best by the motorcycle participants who displayed – Gavin Venter – Sherco 300 custom

Our short Video will enable you to admire the beautiful vintage and classic cars in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable:

Knysna Motor Show 2018

Knysna Motor Show 2018

The GRMC major event of the year, the Knysna Motor Show, took place in perfect weather conditions on April 29.  While you have been kept updated with all the press releases and the wrap‐ up of the event; it is worth reflecting on the achievements of the 2018 Knysna Motor Show (KMS). In  2012 we set a vision for the KMS to be recognised as one of the best motors shows in SA and to  become a national event, drawing participants and the public from across SA. As part of the vision,  we did not want the KMS to become the largest motor show in SA, but instead the focus had to be in  attracting top, quality, rare and interesting vehicles, all to be displayed in a unique format. A prime decision to achieve this objective was to make the KMS an “invitation only “event. Prior to this decision, the KMS was primary driven as a charity event.  With the new vision the focus was shifted to staging the best motor show, with surplus funds being donated to charity . In 2012 the event consisted of mainly GRMC and MG member vehicles.  A total of 180 vehicles were displayed and an estimated 2000 people attended the motor show. Over the years steady progress was made towards achieving the KMS vision.  This, to a large extent, can be attributed to the small KMS organising committee who dedicated many hours of their own time over a 4 to 5 month period each year.   Three years ago it was recognised that to track the path of continues improvement and the costs to stage the event, a major sponsorship was needed. We set out to find a major sponsor.  This was a lengthy process, and having approached several potential sponsors we were successful in attracting Sanlam Private Wealth, who has now sponsored the KMS in 2017 and 2018. While the sponsorship value was about one third of the actual expenses to stage the 2018 KMS, it greatly assisted us in taking the KMS to a new level and added an element of exclusivity. While there certainly are still areas of improvement, the 2018 KMS has pretty much achieved the vision adopted in 2012, some 7 years ago.  The 2018 KMS has been rated as a great success by many. An estimated 8000 people attended the event with gate takings reaching a record level of R294,000 ( excluding sponsorship and sale of  stands ) . This compares with 2000 people attending and gate takings of R24,000 in 2012.  However costs to stage the KMS at the level achieved in 2018, have risen dramatically from a base of R12,000  in 2012 to R275,000 in 2018.  Over the period 2012 up to 2017, it is worth mentioning that R400,000 has been donated to charity. We are still in the process of resolving certain issues before we can announce the amount to be donated to charity in 2018. Once this has been clarified you will be advised.   The reason for sketching the above is that we are at the crossroads again regarding the next phase of the Knysna Motor Show.  The key elements are, do we have GRMC members who are willing to commit the time to take the KMS into the future years  and the importance and need to secure  sponsorship monies . Please give this some thought as it will be a major item for discussion at the AGM  scheduled for August 19. It will be great to let me have your comments and thoughts  ‐ please  let me have them.  In conclusion on the 2018 KMS , a special thanks must go to the 2018 KMS committee  ‐ Cedric  Parker , Allan Waterston , Brian Gibson , Jill Morse , Peter Morse , Ann Griffiths , Brian Dowding and  Peter Turner .  This is the team that made the 2018 KMS the success that was achieved.  To Karin  Gibson who took care of the toiletries for the toilets and even setting up of a station to change  babies nappies !!! . To Anne Parker who was always around to support where ever needed. Lastly to  the GRMC and MG members who assisted with the laying out of the display areas and the marshals  who assisted with the parking of participants cars.  Well done to all !!!. 

Following the the very successful Knysna motor show, please click on the following links – they cover the final press release of the event and a short video.

Thanks from our Charities

To the members of the Garden Route Motor Club,  On behalf of all the staff, patients and volunteers here at Knysna Sedgefield Hospice I would like to  thank the organising committee of the Knysna Motor Show for allowing us the opportunity to have a  pancake stall at the recent event.  Being able to raise much needed funds while being able to interact with the public and prospective  donors was invaluable. We thoroughly enjoyed part of such a well‐run and attended event, fun was  had by all!  We have 240 registered patients on average per month and it costs our organisation between   R1800 ‐ R2200 for our terminal patients per visit per month. This cost includes home visits up to 3 or  4 times per week.  The patient and their family are visited by one of our qualified palliative care  nurses, our medical doctor, a care worker and a social worker to deliver the quality inter‐disciplinary  care that we pride ourselves on. We provide this service at no cost to the patient or their family. As a  non‐profit organisation we rely on donations and fund raising in order for us to be able to deliver  these 5 star accredited palliative care services.  Thank you for your ongoing loyalty to Knysna Sedgefield Hospice, it is so greatly appreciated!  Kind regards,  Ashleigh Smith  (Public Relations Officer and Marketing Liaison Officer  Knysna Sedgefield Hospice

Thank you…. Once again I would like to say a very big thank you to you and the Garden Route Motor Club for allowing KAWS to collect at your recent Knysna Motor Show. We raised an amazing R7,403.40 in just 4 hours! We were worried that the rise in entry fees would affect our collection, but people were very generous and still gave us some generous donations. I must congratulate you and your team on the wonderful organization and fantastic atmosphere on the day. Everyone was relaxed and really enjoying themselves and the field was laid out in a very orderly and navigable manner. I hope that you all had a great day and that you also raised lots of money! Looking forward to next year Warm regards Cathie Garner Fundraiser: KAWS

Knysna Motor Show 2017

Knysna Motor Show 2017

We were very proud to announce that Sanlam Private Wealth agreed to sponsor the Knysna motor show and as such will have naming rights to the motor show.  This is a major step that will go a long way towards boosting the Knysna motor show as a premium event and build on the successes achieved over the past four years. Over the recent times , the Garden Route has emerged as one of South Africa’s most important centres for classic and vintage cars and with some fantastic car collections  . Sanlam Private Wealth has recognised the wealth that comes with classic and vintage cars , coupled with the flow of wealthy retirees to the Garden Route and sees the Knysna motor show as an ideal platform to market their services and offerings.

“ Sanlam Private Wealth has been named the top wealth manager in South Africa in the 2016 intellidex’s Top Private Banks and Manager’s survey for three years in a row . Sanlam Private Wealth offers holistic , integrated wealth management services to high net and ultra-high net worth private individuals and their families in South Africa, the UK, Western Europe and Australia , we are very proud to be associated with a calibre of business such as this and look forward to a great event.”

The Knysna motor show of April 30 2017 was a great success and you are invited to read the final press release.

Knysna Motor Show 2016

Knysna Motor Show 2016


The Knysna motor show held on Sunday May 1, 2016 turned out to be a real blockbuster event and beating all expectations. The motor show was held in perfect weather with the most fantastic display of cars and motorcycles, complemented with new cars and trade related stalls.

The display ranged from Vintage and Veteran cars, classic sports cars, super cars, classic and vintage motorcycles. A continuous stream of positive comments was received from participants as well as the public. Some of these included, “comparable with overseas motor shows”, “The best ever car show”, “Must rate as the best in South Africa”, “Extremely well organised”, “Will definitely be back next year”. 

The motor show continuous to grow exponentially and it is wonderful to see the growth in popularity from across South Africa. Not only did the participants and visitors come from the Garden Route, but also came from all parts of South Africa and were thrilled in what they saw. The Knysna motor show is now clearly recognised as a national event and going forward a motor show that no petrolhead should ignore. The strategy adopted to personally select and invite participants is clearly paying off. This strategy ensures that we maintain the high level of quality and interesting vehicles and motorcycles that are displayed. The Knysna motor show’s vision, and it still remains, is a motor show not about the volume of cars and motorcycles, but one where quality and interesting displays remain the focus, thus keeping the motor show fresh every year. 

This was a very interesting year, with many unique elements included in the display and visitors were awestruck at what they saw. The fantastic displays included Vintage and veteran cars such as the Ford Model Ts, EMF 30, Maxwell, Morris Bullnose, followed by a broad range of sport classic cars which included Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Austin Healey, Porsche, no less than 50 Triumphs, MG, Morgan, Lotus, Alfa Romeo and many more.

These displays were complemented by a number of super cars, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes SLS and Audi R8. Great excitement was created with the inclusion of the Peter Lindenberg Shelby SA cars, The Hi-Tech Automotive display of AC Cobra, Daytona, and Zagato Perana cars and the display of the magnificent car collection of Brian Bruce. If this was not enough, the almost 50 magnificent classic and veteran motorcycles created great excitement, particularly when the engines were started! 

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University also added a special touch with their display of their purpose designed carbon fibre prototype vehicle, the ECO-CAR. Along with this they exposed the visitors to their E-mobility innovation program and had on display a BMW i8 and Nissan Leaf hybrid cars, as well as an electric bicycle, a Segway and an all-terrain electric vehicle. We can clearly say that the variety and grouping of cars and motorcycles on display will not easily be seen in one display area. 

A further highlight of the motor show was the awarding of floating trophies and prizes in the following categories:

The most beautiful vintage and veteran car – Meilleur View Voiture (Best old car) Trophy. The winner being Kevin Casey with his 1911 Ford Model T Runabout.

The best classic car in terms of appearance, cleanliness and authenticity – Concours d’Elegance trophy. The winner being Lawrence Kroff with his 1967 Mercedes Benz W113 Pagoda.

Both the above floating trophies are sponsored by Classic Car Africa Magazine and Protea Hotels sponsored a prize for each winner of a two day stay at any Protea Hotel in South Africa. 

The best featured one make car display – Style Et Lux Trophy. The winner being the Sunbeam Sports Car Club of SA with their brilliant display of Sunbeams and regalia. The Trophy is sponsored by Auto Glym Polish and Shampoo and Fancourt sponsored a two night stay at the beautiful Fancourt resort. 

The best Classic and Vintage motorcycle on display, as voted by the public, on the day of the motor show, was won by Gerard Roelofs with his 1946 Sunbeam S7 motorcycle. The trophy is sponsored by Allsound Security Knysna along with a set of motorcycle tyres. In addition, a prize of a weekend away at the beautiful Karoo Cottages located in Prince Albert. 

Not only was the 2016 Knysna motor show bigger and better, but all records were literally smashed this year. Close to 400 awesome cars and motorcycles were on display and this was complemented by a fantastic display of new cars and motor related trade stands. Visitors streamed in and including the various participants, in excess of 5000 people attended the motor show. The gate takings almost doubled from last year, which is a further record. While the costs, to continually deliver a motor show of this magnitude, have increased substantially, we will still be able to distribute the remaining funds after costs to the designated charities. These include Hospice, Animal Welfare, E-pap and FAMSA. In short, we were very happy with the final outcome of the Knysna motor show. A big thank you goes out to each and every participant, the motor trade the public and importantly the sponsors. This support is vital for us to stage the Knysna motor show in the years to come and greatly appreciated. 

Read the final press release at :

Watch the video at :