In recent times there appears to be an infestation of rats in many towns and cities – both the two and four legged variety.  However, as a owner of a few old cars the four legged variety are the ones that concern me most and the following could be a solution to this problem. A friend recently purchased a very nice series one Jag XJ6 with a manual transmission.  A lovely Classic car but since the demise of the previous owner some time ago it has stood around rather unloved. He quite rightly saw the potential in this stunning car – possibly one of the finest Jags ever built and destined to be a serious classic car (my humble opinion).  A rebuilt engine was fitted and it was heading for the paint shop when it was discovered the rats had made a meal of the wiring under the dash. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like rewiring it? Never mind the cost, auto electricians run for the hills when you approach them to take on rewiring jobs like this.

A recent visit to a Midas shop came up with a product that may have a solution to this happening to the vehicles we have in storage or don’t use very often. Displayed on the counter was box of Rat Repellent spray cans. Apparently numerous of their customers have also had rat problems. It appears even rats are finding things tough in current times and have had to revert to eating car wiring. This could be a good investment at around R75.00 a can.


SAVVA Technical Tip 153 – Hungry Rats

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